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WoW Classic: Why is a 15 year old game exciting its fans

If you look at the (re) success of World of Warcaft Classic, you quickly wonder why an antique piece of gaming history 15 years later in the RTX era still makes sure that the servers are bursting at the seams, the zones in the game are hopelessly overpopulated and players are in virtual queues by the thousands. The gigantic rush Blizzard has probably underestimated itself. Something has to offer the MMO veteran thus, which current, technically and visually much matured games can not tease the Zockergemeinte.

For my part, I put it this way: The first factor is the players and their expectations of the game. In my opinion, four of these come together in Classic:

First, the classic junkies. Say: All players of the former private servers, which Blizzard 2017 turned off the juice with the right leg and the gross since then had to go through the hard withdrawal. Whether the closure of the server really was at that time the trademark protection or a trainee at Blizzard was condemned to even calculate whether it might be worthwhile to bind all private server players to a paid product, is an open question. Classic has now delivered the fabric and the junkies are probably now the majority of the player community on the Classic servers.
The next ones are what I call "nostalgic players". So everyone who played Vanilla, but in the subsequent add-ons lost their appetite and hung WoW on the nail. Because of the "good old days" or because friends are still playing or just playing again and because everything else on the market is boring shit anyway, they also return. Alone in my former circle of friends from Vanilla, more than a dozen ex-WoW'ler have been touched again.

wow classic

The third in the league are (like me), the bored retail players. Who does not know that? All successes ticked off, all factions on Max, Gearstand close to 450, the weekly visits to M + instances and islands already through and the Raid has its fixed schedule. So what do you do? Clean up the shack or torment for days and weeks up to 60 levels? The decision is not too difficult, especially since you can buy Classic free of charge thanks to gold-financed tokens.
The fourth and final groups include those who were too young for Vanilla or who were not interested in it. WoW has eventually gained a certain reputation over time and Classic has again attracted a lot of attention, so the curious adventurous explorer wants to get an idea of ​​the whole.

Although there are many more examples that you can list as pros of WoW Classic, I think the common factor is also the biggest problem facing the current WoW add-ons and many other games. Most players have become loners, as a group is no longer absolutely necessary, and the chat has unfortunately turned into a sell-bot contaminated fish market stall, which is hardly noticed or generally disabled. For a long time there are hardly any nice conversations or helpful tips without the usual toxic flames. In short, togetherness is in the foreground in Classic even more than at WoW Retail or other games and reminds you why this genre once fell into disrepute.

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