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WoW Classic, solved the problem at Feign Death

With a new post published on the official World of Warcraft forum, the game developer Pazorax said that all the problems known so far at the Hunt's Fake Death have been successfully solved.

In fact, as many of you will remember, last September 20th we reported an annoying problem with this ability of the Hunter, which was canceled when we applied any movement to our character.

According to Pazorax, the Feign Death bug resided in the sequence of actions that were between the character and the enemies ... let's see how ...
When the Feign Death is activated, our character comes out of the fight, and a few moments later the "Drop Target" is also activated, for which our enemies stop "tagging" our character.

However, if our enemies had caused damage to our character between the "Leave-Combat" and the "Drop target" this was interrupted and due to the damage received our character therefore returned to being hired making the ability of the Fake Death.
The sequence that followed the skill before was therefore the following:

    Enemy queues an attack against you
    Cast Feign Death
    Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)
    Re-enter combat
    You remain stuck in combat for up to 5 seconds

With a recent intervention, however, the developers have made it known that they have reversed the sequence of actions, with the "Leave-Combat" which starts immediately after having received the last damage previously "shot" by our enemy, so as not to disable the Fake Death by allowing the regular use of the ability.
The new sequence is as follows:

We've just deployed a fix which puts “Leave-Combat” in the queue where it belongs, and where it was in the 1.12 code, which makes the sequence:

    Enemy queues an attack against you
    Cast Feign Death
    Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)
    Enemy is no longer targeting you, and you’re out-of-combat.

Below we are going to bring back the official message published on the forum, hoping that this intervention (online for several hours both in America and in Europe) has definitively solved the annoying problems that were affecting Feign Death.

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