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WoW 9.0.5 Patch Notes has tackle enhancements in life changes quality

The eighth major expansion pack for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands first arrived on our computers back in November 2020, marking the sixteenth anniversary of the original WoW game.

"World of Warcraft" has released a major 9.0.5 update where the Valor System will be returning to the scene, together with several tweaks and game balances.

Players have been waiting for this moment since the "Shadowlands" expansion, which was released last November. The game has received a lot of positive feedback from the community and game critics. Now, the newest update will be a much more packed expansion - a big improvement that will come.

The 9.0.5 update is focused on improving systems, rewards, Covenant and Legendary tuning, and bug fixes. Valor Points are now earnable in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and Valor can be used to upgrade new Mythic Keystone gear rewards. Changes to Covenants and Legendaries are intended to provide more gameplay options for crafting and utilizing Legendary items in specific situations, and to make sure that more players feel that the Covenant that suits their aesthetic, narrative, or other preferences for their character also feels more viable for their preferred playstyle.

As with any World of Warcraft balance patch, your opinion on what the biggest changes are is likely decided by which class you play. Very few classes got direct nerfs, with the notable exception of Vengeance Demon Hunters. Meanwhile, Rogues got a few massive buffs in this patch that might take them from one of the worst classes in this expansion to one of the best — or at least one of the most popular.

WoW 9.0.5 Patch Notes
As ever, Blizzard has shared an absolutely massive pile of patch notes to go with the 9.0.5 update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. If you’re committed to reading the whole thing and maximising your knowledge of the game, now’s the time to grab a cup of tea and settle down for a long read. Here are the full patch notes:

Still, there are considerations to know about this 9.0.5 patch. As "WoW" players notice, the update serves as clearance for the "Chains of Domination" or the 9.1 updates. However, any updates about the 9.1 patch are not yet revealed at the moment.

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