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Who made Madden NFL17's Ultimate Team Team of the Week 16?

Who made Madden 17's Ultimate Team Team of the Week 16? 

The penultimate week of the NFL Regular Season has wrapped up and there were some absolutely great games – I’m especially looking at you Pittsburgh and Baltimore – and to go along with those great games we got some great performances. So which performances stood out the most to the staff over at EA and earned a spot in their Madden Ultimate Team Team of the Week?
The Week 16 Limited Time Hero is Pittsburgh Steelers MLB Ryan Shazier. This 94 Overall version of him is possibly the most destructive MLB in the game. He has 90 Speed (SP), 85 Strength (STR), 90 Agility (AGI), 91 Acceleration (ACC), 95 Jumping (JMP), 92 Tackle (TAK), 92 Hit Power (POW), 87 Power Moves (PWR), 80 Finesse Moves (FNM), 87 Block Shedding (BKS), 92 Pursuit (PUR), 89 Play Recognition (PRC), 71 Man Coverage (MCV), 80 Zone Coverage (ZCV) and 75 Catching (CTH). He is a freak athlete and can excel at any Linebacker position in any system. That luxury can only be found in packs Madden Mobile 17 Coins for a limited time or in the Auction house, but he’ll cost around 698,000 Coins on Xbox One and 685,000 Coins on PS4.
This Week’s Defensive Hero is Eagles SS Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins has 89 SPD, 69 STR, 92 AGI, 93 ACC, 91 JMP, 81 TAK, 82 POW, 75 PWM, 75 FNM, 76 KS, 89 PUR, 91 PRC, 82 MCV, 93 ZCV, 85 Press (PRS). This al means that he is as good a tackler and run defender as most safeties, but he is also as good as a lot of cornerbacks Madden Mobile 17 Coins when it comes to coverage. He is a true do-it-all safety. He’ll cost around 125,000 Coins on Xbox One and 134,000 Coins on PS4.
The Week 16 Offensive Hero is Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. He has 88 SPD, 85 STR, 87 AGI, 89 ACC, 92 JMP, 91 CTH, 86 Route Running (RTE), 93 Catch in Traffic (CIT), 91 Spectacular Catch (SPC), 86 Release (RLS), 80 Trucking (TRK), 75 Elusiveness (ELU), 85 Ball Carrier Vision (BCV), 85 Stiff Arm (SFA), 74 Spin Move (SPM), 83 Juke Move (JKM), 70 Carrying (CAR), 74 Run Blocking (RBK), 63 Pass Blocking (PBK) and 78 Impact Blocking (IMP). This makes him an exceptional ‘move-the-chains’ option, he is a big lay threat and a decent blocker when need be. He is complete. He will cost around 130,000 Coins on Xbox One and 135,000 Coins on PS4.
The other 4 Elite Week 16 Players are San Francisco 49ers MLB Gerald Hodges Jr., Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, Minnesota Vikings WR Adam Thielen and New Orleans Saints FS Jairus Byrd.
The 4 Gold Week 16 Players are Oakland Raiders RB DeAndre Washington, Cleveland Browns MLB Christian Kirksey, Arizona Cardinals WR J.J. Nelson and Miami Dolphins FS Michael Thomas.
As always, there are 3 Sets to complete surrounding this Week’s TOTW, so here are those Sets.
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