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Uma Musume Pretty Derby made an estimated $1 billion USD in six months since launching on mobile alon

Cygames has released a PC version of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby via DMM Games on March 10 in Japan, the developer announced.

The manga launched on the Cycomi website and app in March 2017. The fourth volume launched digitally in July 2020, and the fifth volume will launch digitally on June 30. The school youth manga centers on Special Week, as she moves from the countryside to the capital and enters Tracen Academy.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby launched on February 24 for iOS and Android, and released on PC via DMM Games on March 10. The game was originally slated for a release in winter 2018, and was delayed in order to raise the game's quality.

The mobile game is currently only available in Japan, combining gacha with training and racing game elements. Sensor Tower reports that for April 2021, the game had the third highest overall revenue, and App Store revenue. This beat out the likes of Roblox, Clash of Clans, and Candy Crush Saga; only being bested by PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a training simulation game where you can “make your dreams come true” with Uma Musume (horse girls) who bear the names of real-life racehorses.

The DMM Games version will allow players to enjoy raising the game’s horse girls on a bigger screen. User accounts that are already playing the game on smartphone will also be able to link their data with the DMM Games version.

The game's concept begins with Uma Musume (Horse Girls), girls endowed with excellent running capability, and who aim to become top idols and compete in the national sports entertainment show "Twinkle Series." Players take the role of both teacher and trainer for the girls in the Nihon Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen (Japan Horse Girls Training Center Academy) and help them make their debut.

The game even bested Genshin Impact, which made an estimated $1 billion USD in six months since launching on mobile alone. Uma Musume Pretty Derby was fifth on the Google Play store in terms of revenue, which put it above Pokemon Go. The Pokemon franchise has made $100 billion USD in lifetime sales, with $22.7 billion USD in video games.

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