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Tips and Cheats For Relocation Works in Madden 17

You are able to relocate a team to another city, with keeping the team name or changing it to one of three pre-selected city-specific team names in Franchise Mode. But some may wonder how relocation works in the game. So this article will give out explanation with some tips and cheats to you.
Let's see how relocation work in the game first. When you start a new franchise, you will be able to select the Relocation Parameters in the League Settings menu (only in Owner Mode). You can choose from the following:
Users only: no computer controlled teams will relocate, only user controlled teams can. However, they still have to meet Relocation qualifications of having and outdated stadium.
All users only: no computer controlled teams will relocate, only user controlled teams can. And… the system will allow you to relocate any franchise, irrespective of their current stadium situation. (example. You can move the Dallas Cowboys, even though they have a relatively new stadium that is ranked around 99).
Normal: relocation is possible for user and computer controlled teams and qualification is based on whether or not the stadium meets parameters of being ranked on of the lowest in the league (20 rating or below). Computer controlled teams can be relocated without your knowledge if they meet relo guidelines (such as Chargers, Raiders, Browns, Titans, Jaguars) - the might show up one season as Brooklyn Barons or London Knights.
Everyone can relocate: any user or computer controlled team can relocate at any time, to any city, irrespective of their stadium situation.
Disabled: No one can relocate, you can only build a new stadium in your current city if your current stadium is in bad shape.
Relocation is so important that it can make you change these settings at anytime in your franchise. So you could move a team to start and then change the settings to "Disabled" to block the rest of the teams for the rest of your franchise. Or you could start with it disabled and then only change the settings during a future season you want to relocate, then change it back. 
So how to relocate? You don't need to relocate during the pre-season, but after 4 weeks, you should relocate (choose city, team name, uniform, stadium) Relocate everytime after 4 weeks. Next Season you become your new city and new (or old) team nickname playing in your new stadium. This is all available from the Primary Action Items menu. Here you should notice that if you get to week 5 and don't see an option to relocate, its 99% likely that you don't have your Relocation Settings correctly identified in the League Settings menu.
Besides here are some tips and cheats for you. 
1).There is a "glitch" by the developers where some teams take the city name with them on the wall-art in the stadium. For instance, you move the Arizona Cardinals to St. Louis to become the St. Louis Cardinals, but the walls still say "Arizona Cardinals". This doesn't happen for every team. The Chargers, Raiders, Browns are good ones to relocate because they only transfer the name and colors.
2).When a franchise moves into a new building, they have to play 2 years at that stadium. Anyone playing an offline franchise and using the LA Rams will notice that they won't have the option of starting relocation of the Rams until the 2018 season, and they won't play in their new city until 2019. This is because the game is building a new stadium for the team in 2017. And then you must play 2017 and 2018 in that stadium before you are allowed to relocate. 
3).Technically you can only choose 4 options for team names (current name, or 3 city-specific team names), but you can get around this if you are willing to fast-forward a franchise a few years.  
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