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Things are Working out All Right for MapleStory 2 on a Whole Right Now

The latest producer's letter notes that even as the game moves into its second post-launch week, the game is showing good concurrent players and solid performance. They tell me in no uncertain terms where the really lucrative stuff in the game is, and they always seem like a cheap bandaid on a much bigger problem. It has questions about games, movies, classical music, sporting events, South Korea, and MapleStory 2 itself.
All you can do is be patient and wait for Nexon to sort the issue out. In the meantime, do not delete the first character you logged into on that server. Those who played during the game's betas or during the Founder's-only head start campaign can log in today and start grinding their characters up from Level 50 to the new level cap of 60. To dodge this swing, you must either stack on top of a Knight and hide under their bubble shield, or jump on top of the pillars that spawn.

The Original MapleStory


While the original MapleStory was a 2D side-scroller, the sequel makes the jump into 3D. MapleStory 2 is radically different from its predecessor. There's also work underway to make sure that classes with a greater reliance on passive buffs less crippled by the scaling mechanics.
But the good news is that Nexon is tweaking that system, which it says was originally intended to avoid grind. This means you can search for a term, see whether it's bolded or not, and answer quickly in-game. True questions are on the left, while false questions are on the right and are bolded. You can still buy a MapleStory 2 Founder's Pack until October. If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning MapleStory 2 Currency kindly visit our web site. The packs all come with some pretty sweet cosmetics, Blue Merets, and Premium Club membership. The Runeblade is the game's ninth class, and will not be the last.
The players who have to kill the dragons will have to stand on top of the red elevated blocks will deal a decent amount of damage over time. Each of these stacks reduce your defense, so it is vital that you kill them as soon as possible before they start doing too much damage. The emphasis here seems to be rushing players to the max level of 60 then allowing them the freedom to try everything the game has to offer.
At last, the game does already have its next major content update in the works, so while you might be struggling a little when you scale back down. Nexon's also adding something called Chaos Raids, 10-man time-limited dungeons that should be extra challenging for endgamers champing at the bit for more to do. Some of the questions are not phrased exactly as they are in-game, especially in the first few dozen. MapleStory 2 is just different enough from the original game to make it fresh, and all the minigames, housing features and social aspects certainly make it a strong contender.

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