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The World Arena Championship Will Host a Summoners War Convention of Sorts

If you like high-stakes esports or just enjoy playing and seeing others play the hit game Summoners War, then mark November 25th on your calendar because that's the day Summoners War World Arena Championship will take place. In Summoners War: Sky Arena you are a Summoner in a fictional fantasy world. This world is also inhabited by many monsters, monsters that you and the other Summoners control. Together with these monsters you fight against the other Summoners to become the best.
Once players hit level 10 they will be able to form guilds of up to 30 and be able to chat privately with their guild-mates. For the holiday weekend Summoners War: Sky Arena will have some special events:
Event Dungeon (7/4-7/6): By simply participating in this limited time dungeon, players can collect pieces to summon a guaranteed 4 star monster.
Double Experience (7/7): Players will receive 2x experience for their monsters.

Summoners War World Arena


Extra Energy (7/4-7/6): Players will receive 20 extra Energy each day they log in.
Mystical Scroll (7/4): Players who log in will receive a free mystical scroll to summon a 3-5 star monster.
To start you should know that the thing gets difficult against the bosses. Often every enemy of this type is associated with an element that is weak. Try to identify it and attract the strongest enemy of your allies to the battles to have more options to win. For the first time in 2018, the so-called World Arena was hosted in the German-speaking area, more precisely in Berlin. The editorial team was there and had a look at the spectacle.
Summoners War appeared alongside Hearthstone and Vainglory at the Amazon Mobile Masters Invitational in New York toward the end of June 2017, and the viewer numbers surprised Com2uS. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Cheap Summoners War Account, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. The World Arena Championship will also host a Summoners War convention of sorts with the whole place transforming into Sky Island.
If you spend a lot of time in healers like Lulu and her statistics are working up, it is useful to put them first during difficult fights. Because she has many lives and is a healer, you have just that little bit more chance. One of them is the Kabir Ruins, a place that gives access to the Cairos Dungeon. We speak of a complicated area, but also of a bounty well if you manage to be strong enough to endure. According to organizer Com2uS, more than 700 e-sports fans cavorted in the now listed building.
Com2uS had already planned its first World Arena Championship for later that year, but the Mobile Masters success spurred the effort on, and the competition is now in the midst of its second season, with its Grand Finals taking place later this month. During this way of playing no healing spells are used. In difficult fights that is something that is definitely needed, for these fights it is therefore useful to play independently.
There are roles in your formation that you can not neglect. One of them is the healer, and one of the best tricks of Summoner's War: Sky Arena not to lose is to have one at high levels to have a life insurance against beasts that hit very hard. A nice development towards more internationality, which can now be observed in many other e-sports games.

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