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The most important aspect in Madden NFL 16 to keep in mind

The most important aspect in Madden NFL 16 to keep in mind, especially if you're actually playing one of your defenders rather than leaving him to the AI, is knowing what your player's responsibility is. Generally, you'll not want to pull your DTs back to block passes, and you'll not want to bring in your safeties to blitz (although there are plays written for those odd scenarios). Beyond remembering what you're supposed to do, also know what you've been ordered to do, especially in Be a Player mode. NFL 16 defensive plays are written so each player has their own area or player to watch and defend. When a player steps away to help another too early, it can result in problems.
Unless you’re playing on All-Madden 16 difficulty, visual cues appear to alert you when the ball is about to be snapped. Don’t try and beat the snap count based on what the quarterback is doing, simply look above your defender’s head for the ‘RT’/‘R2’ symbol and then react. Quarterbacks will try and force a foul by calling fake snaps, and it’s easy to jump the line and lose yards and potentially cost your team a turnover. The best offense is a good defense, indeed. Playing D is a completely revamped experience this year, largely thanks to the game's most significant new feature: Player Lock.
Ever since the series' pixelated, late-'80s origins, just about every minute of Madden NFL 16 Football has been played from the offense's point of view. In Madden NFL 16, the game's new defensive-player lock system reverses the iconic Madden camera angle and makes playing defense just as enthralling as manning the star quarterback. This fresh take, combined with new modes and sharp visuals, makes Madden NFL 16 one of the most fun and feature-rich installments in the legendary pigskin series' history.
Pick Formations That Stack One Side of the Field. Defenses hate it when the offense stacks one side of the field, since it usually puts a receiver right in the seam between the slot and the offensive line, which can be hard to stop. It also helps to expose whether they're running zone coverage or man coverage, forcing the player on defense to adjust. Finally, if they hedge too far to one side of the field, it makes it that much easier to run a quick draw and bounce to the outside with only the safety to beat. Trips TE is a particularly good formation for this.
The running NFL 16 is one of the greatest offensive weapons, especially if you have a powerhouse player who knows how to cut his way through open gaps. When selecting a running play, you'll be able to see what direction he’s heading. From there, it's up to you to guide your player through the gaps that open up. Quick cuts can be an ideal weapon for a running back. Through angle routes, corner routes and other openings, he'll be able to create an opportunity to gain extra yardage. It never hurts to optimize a plan where you pull a quick zig-zag to move out of the way, as this will throw off the defense and maybe give you the crucial extra yardage to get the first down.
If the enemy blitzes from the sides in NFL 16, then you'll need to use your receivers creatively. If you insist on running, then use a man in motion and put him on the side of the run (if you run right, move the left-most WR as far right as he can go). The other thing you can do is set your WRs to block rather than run their routes. To do that, select the play as normal. Then, before the snap, hit Triangle on the PS3 or PS4 (or Y on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One), then the button that corresponds to the receiver, then R2 or L2 (or RT or LT). He won't be an eligible receiver for that play, but he might be able to stop whoever is blitzing.
On a running play, or even after making a short catch, it’s important to use your blockers to snuff out tackles and gain extra yardage. It can be tempting to simply try and sprint towards the end zone, but if you have men in front who can help pave the way for you, use them to your advantage. On a running play, allow the offensive line to create holes for you to exploit, even for just a few yards. Sometimes you’ll find yourself breaking away and making huge gains on a simple running play.

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