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The Hollow Knight team has been drip-feeding fans information about its sequel

Originally intended as a DLC expansion for the original Hollow Knight, after the fantastic success the first game had, and building a substantial cult following, Team Cherry instead decided to increase the scope of Silksong, instead turning it into a “full-scale” sequel.

The original Hollow Knight was extremely well received, scoring 90 out of 100 on the review site Metacritic. Reviewers praised the title for its depth, challenge, and unique art style. So fans have been champing at the bit for information since the sequel was announced in February 2019. Until a few weeks ago, all anyone really knew about Silksong was that it would star Hornet, who fought and aided the protagonist in the first game. Now, we’ve been introduced to four Silksong NPCs, both friend and foe.

They also pledged to their 2158 Kickstarter backers that despite Silksong having expanded in scope to be a full-scale sequel, rather than simply an extra DLC for the base game, they’d still be honoring their pledge to offer it to their backers at no extra charge. As for the precise release date of Silksong, Team Cherry has remained fairly tight-lipped, opting to say nothing rather than give a release date that they’re unable to meet. If you want to buy Hollow Knight, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The original game started off life as a Game Jam prototype, developed in August 2013, before releasing as a commercial game in February 2017. They then worked on various different updates for the game, plus the console versions, before moving on to Silksong. To the best of our knowledge, Team Cherry is still for the most just a three-person operation, at least in terms of full-time staff.

Last week a band of travelling fleas was also shown off and they look utterly adorable, but I’m afraid that’s it for Silksong news for the time being. Team Cherry has confirmed that folks won’t have to go about solving hectic riddles when they get around to announcing Silksong’s release date but when such an announcement will be, is still unknown.

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