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The Ashihama Nightmare is the first co-op exclusive Old School RuneScape group boss

OSRS Gold Lurking within the catacombs of Sisterhood Sanctuary in Morytania Ashihama's Nightmare is the first co-op exclusive Old School RuneScape group boss. Players can form groups of up to 80 members to face it with a difficulty level to suit the size of the group although some may pretend to face the Nightmare on their own. Each player taking part in the fight will receive their own reward so that no one is forced to fight for the best loot.

The Swamps of Morytania in Old School RuneScape will become even more scarrier with the launch of The Nightmare of Ashihama a new boss which is available starting today.

Unfortunately getting a party together in Old School RuneScape can be difficult. Buy OSRS Gold Since no specific PvM world exists like in RS3 you’ll have to resort to clans Reddit and the forums to find a party. Alternatively the Nightmare of Ashihama can be treated as a solo boss for very skilled high-level players.

You’ll be able to tackle The Nightmare in groups of up to 80 players at a time. While you can technically take it down solo and the difficulty scales with the size of the current group the studio says “only the very best” will be able to kill The Nightmare alone – so it might be a good idea to team up and take it down together.

The big appeal in killing The Nightmare is the new Inquisitor’s armor and weapon set that can only be gotten from it. Whilst this new tier 75 armor isn’t anything overly flashy the Inquisitor Mace offers plenty to get excited about. This new mace acts as the crush version of the Ghrazi rapier better known as the best all-around weapon in Old School RuneScape. Given its similarities the Inquisitors Mace could end up being just as competitive.

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