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Street Fighter with Raiders in MapleStory 2 and Summer Stamping Event Introduction

MapleStory 2 Street Fighter recommended, in MapleStory 2 Street Fighter is a relatively new career, although some players have already experienced in advance, then in the public beta version, how should the Maple Story Street Fighter fit? Xiaobian thinks that this question can still be considered more. Street Fighter Fit 1. Weapons.
Street Fighter
It is recommended to use Unfinished Gloves: Fighting as a transition, which produces a chaotic copy. The weapons produced in the new chaotic copy Frost Temple, Maderakan minaret, and the outer world can be finally fitted. The Frost Shrine produces Bei Moss Ancient Gloves, and the weapon special effects are the Beast's Wrath: There is a 10% chance of attack and the physical magic attack power increased by 48 in 12 seconds.
The Madrasan minaret produces The Black Pioneer Devil's Hand, and the weapon effect is the energy variation: There is a 10% probability of attack and the combat power is increased by 400 in 12 seconds.
In the field of alienation, the Exterior Meteor Gloves, the weapon special effects are accelerated: There is a 10% probability of attack and an increase of 9 in 12 seconds, and the attack speed increases by 9%. If you are you looking for more about MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale check out our website.

Brand New MapleStory 2


After comparison, in view of the property of Street Fighter itself, it is recommended to use Bei Moss Ancient Gloves or Black Pioneer Devil Hand. The physical attack is not enough to recommend Beymus's ancient glove, the weapon attack is not enough, the battle gem level is not high, it is recommended to use the black pioneer van devil's hand.
During the event, all players can click on the main interface of the game MapleStory in the lower right corner - set chapter activities, participate in the stamping activities to get rewards. Enter the activity interface, each time you complete a task, you can get a stamp, collect ordinary badges and special badges to meet the specified requirements can be exchanged for different generous rewards. Get the final stamp reward after collecting all the badges.
MapleStory 2 with a cool look and skill set, it's different from the professional experience. Higher damage and operation, stronger skill connection, and even a sense of pleasure, as long as the operation can harvest damage. Especially for high-players, it means tons of explosive output, unparalleled sense of accomplishment and playability. You want to experience the hearty operation experience, and make full use of the existing skilled operation, the new professional street fighter, you are definitely worth a try.
New occupations, new gameplays, core system innovations, etc., you can enjoy it. The content of this update is full of sincerity, rich, comprehensive and intimate. Open the eleventh professional street fighter, strengthen the system innovation, full career transfer advanced, new LV60 copy and equipment, level open to 70 to uncover the new plot, Rubik's cube new system, nine intimate optimization, etc., a brand new MapleStory 2 opens here.

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