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Some of our best Top War Battle Game tips aimed at helping players

Top War: Battle Game is offered by Top War Studio and is available for both Android and iOS. This game is basically an innovative strategy game featuring the merge to upgrade game style. One can easily upgrade buildings, tanks, ships, and other units either by using resources or merging them. In other words, it is a base builder game where you can unlock new regions, build and repair buildings all around your camp. Players have the option to collect mechanical gears, develop their professions, fight elite mods, employ heroes, and do much more.

Top War Battle Game is a cross between a merging game and a long term base builder sim. We take a look at what the game is all about and offer some of our best Top War Battle Game tips aimed at helping players out that are getting started in the game.

Top War: Battle Game Walkthrough and Guide

Choosing Campaign Tasks
When you begin Top War: Battle Game you are given a few Campaign Tasks that are part of a basic tutorial. Once they have been completed you will be free to choose whatever activity you want. The best way to continue from here is to look at the progressive list of Campaign Tasks by tapping the eclamation mark at the bottom left side of your screen and using it as a guide to see what activity you should focus on next.

Place as Many Buildings Around Your Island to Further Fuel Your Merging Activities:
• Top War: Battle Game gives you an overwhelming amount of buildings to construct and place around your island. As you reach new commander levels and unlock new buildings, you’ll also unlock new features within the game that further aids your progress. With the island spaces you have and eventually end up acquiring, you’ll want to place as many of those buildings in those open spots as you can. Placing up to eight copies of each building type at a time is worth doing since you can use all of those buildings to merge into one and quickly attain a higher-level version of that one building.

• Make sure you regularly spend your resources on upgrading everything in your Basic War Room so you can attain new building upgrade levels over time. And revert to your Main Quests listing on the Tasks menu so you can see which building upgrade you should strive for next. And of course, make sure you experiment with your troops merging efforts so you can head into battle with the strongest ones at your disposal. Get your hands on Tech Chests so you can always have the goods needed to make brand new buildings and troop merges happen.

Boost up your Hero Level
Heroes make it easier to win the game and defeat the enemy troopers. Because increasing the Hero level substantially increases HP and Power as well. Here are the ways by which you can upgrade your Heroes with ease:

You can use Hero shards to ascend the hero and increase its stats. Players can collect the shards from events, gift packs, or Hero recruitment as well.

EXP Books
Obtain your EXP books from Newbie carnival, hero recruitment, and by completing the timely events.

Research Skill
Tap on your Hero à Hero Recruitment à Research Skill and use the skills to level up your Hero.

Unlock a second march
It can be frustrating to have a single march, and while you can pay to unlock another march, you can also get a 2nd march for free. To do this you'll need to upgrade the main Tech in the HQ to level 25.

Join An Alliance
You may want to consider joining an alliance as doing so will give you access to more PvP content, lessen enemies around you, and help increase your growth further by participating in the cooperative quests and missions. You can also claim gifts from the alliance, these are based on every member’s accomplishment on events and Warhammer battles.

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