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Rogue Company Season 1 Patch Notes, Full Update Details

Available to everyone since October 2020, Rogue Company continues to receive regular updates. After receiving an update to support next-generation consoles, the free-to-play TPS developed by Hi-Rez Studios is now welcoming a new character and their Battle Pass as part of the launch of its season 1.

A long time ago, Kestrel was involved in the Rogue Company affair, but that was before she retired to private life to become an ambitious fashion director seeking fame and fortune. But you know, the past never lets us go. Now Kestrel is back in action and exhibits the Halo drones as her special ability. These small flying drones activate an explosive self-destruct command when close to enemies. It is possible to get in the game to try Kestrel and train with her right away.

Kestrel is a co-founder of the Rogue Company but has left the project a long time ago. Today she returns to fight the Jackals.

Main weapons

    (NEW) Riptide - Assault Rifle
        Damage: 18
        Rate of fire: 9.17 bullets per second
        Range: 24
        Maneuverability: 32
        Magazine capacity: 30
        Reload: 2s
    (NEW) Knight - Submachine gun
        Damage: 22
        Rate of fire: 8
        Range: 12
        Maneuverability: 33
        Magazine capacity: 20
        Reload: 1.6s

Secondary weapon


Melee weapon

    (NEW) Kukri
    Hit damage: 40 / Throw damage: 100 / Hit rate: 2.17 shots per second


    Epinephrine injection
    Bounce Grenade


    No velvet

Rogue Company Kestrel


    Halo Drones - You unleash several drones which fire missiles in front of you.
    Note: The explosion radius has increased as a result of your returns to the PTS.


    Risk bonuses - Each neutralization earns 1000 more in cash.

The Season One Battle Pass has 50 cosmetic items that radiate danger, attitude or both. To advance through the Battle Pass, just play the game. Among the items available, there is a new type of Battle Pass reward, account amplifiers. For those who purchased the Premium Pass for 1000 mercenary money, the Latin Dictator outfit will be available for The Fixer.
Three new packages of great value can be purchased within the game:

    Mercenaries Edition - for $ 24.99 it releases mercenaries released last year, plus 500 mercenary money.
    Year 1 Pass - Also for $ 24.99, it will release all 8 mercenaries that will be released in the game in 2021, plus 500 mercenary money.
    Supreme Edition - For $ 49.99, it brings both editions and adds another $ 500 of mercenary money: 1500 in total.

Improved ranked game system
In order to provide fair competition as well as rewarding, Rogue Company now offers a ranked mode made up of several ranks, themselves made up of divisions. You climb the ranks according to your performance. This structure is embellished with new functionalities that go in the same direction: placement games, restrictions for groups, season rewards, etc. is the best choice for global users to buy Rogue Company Rogue Bucks for multiple platforms.z2u has many years of trading experience.As the leading player in the Rogue Company market,we are committed to providing the top-quality Rogue Company Rogue Bucks with the most reasonable prices, genuine and enthusiastic attitude,fast delivery speed to our customers.

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