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Raft feels like one of those survival games that has been in Early Access forever

Even though it only hit Steam in 2018, and has only existed in any form since 2016, Raft feels like one of those survival games that has been in Early Access forever. That's not a criticism, it's just very much the mood the game has. It's one of those ones you'll play a bit of, forget about, and then look back a year later, only to find it's grown a whole story and pigs you can fight. That gradual accretion of stuff is fitting, I suppose, as it's exactly what Raft is about: gradually accreting stuff.

In Raft, players have to stay afloat in an epic seafaring adventure. Starting out on a single raft, players must gather debris, grow their own produce, dive deep into the ocean for resources and craft items in order to survive life on the open ocean, amidst sea-dwelling dangers and nature's elements.

Game design
Raft can be played at different levels of difficulty. At this point I would like to recommend every beginner to start the game on the easy level. The level of difficulty affects the hunger and thirst of the character, that is, in the difficult level our character constantly needs food and drink. We can't even explore an island in peace without walking back on the raft several times to have something to eat.

Staying alive is a matter of choosing which problem is most critical, and which is not. From a shark that is breaking a part of the raft in which we have a trunk built (it has happened to me), and in turn we are dehydrated and hungry. Over time, the objective moves to the increase of the raft, because without this we will not be able to continue building objects that we need over time (an anchor, a sail, a research table) because a large tree of construction. The raft can also be decorated with paintings and furniture.

Of course, there's a shark, who's always having a swim nearby and making himself a nuisance. He'll have a chew on your raft, mangle you if you spend too long in the sea, and generally stop you from relaxing long enough for the game to lose its pace. Raft is good in itself, but I suspect it's the shark that turned it into a megahit. Because if one thing attracts shouty YouTube men to a game like October wasps to a pint, it's sharks. Still, bless the shouty men.

Calm, melodic and instrumental music plays in the background of the game. The soft and calming tones reflect the calm atmosphere on the raft. In the sound settings we can choose the intervals at which the music should sound in the background.Raft will initially release on Steam Early Access in 2018 on PC.The free alpha version of Raft has been downloaded over 5 million times from, becoming quite a hit amongst YouTubers.

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