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Northrend will allow the users to experience the icy content of the famous World of Warcraft

"Valheim" received a new mod that will allow the users to experience the icy content of the famous "World of Warcraft." Drakonman The Fox, a well-known game modder, is the one that developed the latest Northrend Mod, which allows you to change the appearance of "Valheim" into the icy continent of the evil Scourge.

A Valheim modder has recreated World of Warcraft’s Northrend continent in a new mod for the Viking RPG. The new sandbox survival game from indie studio Iron Gate has become one of the most successful games of the past few weeks, hitting five million sales on Steam just a month after its Early Access release at the start of February, and is one of the most played games on Steam.

World Of Warcraft's Northrend

What is Northrend?
The continent is the area in which the entire second WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King took place. Here the prince Arthas Menethil ruled as the "Lich King" and commanded the undead scourge that invaded all of Azeroth - the world of World of Warcraft.

Wrath of the Lich King, WotLK for short, was considered one of the best expansions of WoW and a marriage of the MMORPG. With Nordend as a map for Valheim, many WoW veterans should feel a little back in time.

Now, this is a mod that World of Warcraft and Valheim fans will love. Created by modder ‘Drakonman The Fox’, this World of Warcraft – Northrend mod offers a recreation of the icy continent in Iron Gate Studios’ popular sandbox title. To date, the mod only includes the Northrend landmass and players won’t see any creatures or structures from the Warcraft franchise. Still, it’s an interesting mod for those who want to explore the cold region before the construction of Icecrown Citadel.

World Of Warcraft's Northrend

On the other hand, here are the features that you can enjoy once you install the latest mod of "Valheim."

    New content to Mystlands, Ashlands, and Deep North biomes
    Northrend landmass Remade in "Valheim"
    Created with play-ability
    Dungeons, such as Sunken Crypts, spawn outside the mentioned biomes

How do I install the mod?
In any case, make a backup of your world and your character first. We explain to you in our guide how to create a savegame in Valheim.

Then visit the World of Warcraft - Northrend website on NexusMods and download the relevant files. Unzip it in the folder "AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ worlds".

You also need more mods for Northrend to work properly:

    Better Continents (via NexusMods)
    Epic Loot (via NexusMods)

Only with these two mods is it possible that Northrend is displayed correctly and you can also get the new loot. Better Continents and Epic Loot can best be installed via Vortex, the downloader directly from NexusMods. In our guide we explain in detail how to install mods in Valheim and which are the 9 best mods.

Recreating the entire continent of Northrend within Valheim definitely took a lot of time and effort and is sure to be a nostalgic experience for World of Warcraft players. It’s just another example of just how much fans are able to do with Valheim and that’s sure to increase even further as the game becomes bigger and more polished in the future.

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