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More free character transfers for WoW Classic

On September 20, new character transfers for the WoW Classic servers will be unlocked. Including four German servers. How long the transfer window is open, Blizzard has not announced, but until Monday you have at least time.

Now, starting tomorrow, Friday, September 20, 2019, 1 o'clock in the morning, several transfer routes will be added. German servers also get some new options. Below we list all sorts of server changes and highlight the German servers visually. The relatively new server Heartstriker is both the target for characters of Dragon's Call, Lucifron, Patchwerk and Venoxis.

Blizzard has twice offered free character transfers for Classic server characters, and a new transfer window will open on Friday, September 20, for a short time.

The only fear of many players is that all the transfers opened, especially on the many PvP servers, affect the balance between Alliance and Horde factions. Some users even report a clearly fluctuating balance of power after opened transfer options.

An official deadline, when the above-listed transfer options are closed, there is not yet. However, the accompanying Bluepost states that one does not expect the possibility to be removed before Monday, September 23rd. However, server transfers will be blocked immediately and without warning if one of the target realms reaches full status.

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