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Madden 17 Best Offensive and Defensive Playbooks

Both Security and offense are essential inside the game. Many sport participants should worry about the structures and plays, which people to choose, and what type of playbooks might fit-for you. In this page, greatest offensive and defensive playbooks are given out to boost your sport. You're able to select the one that matches your playstyle and works out the right effects. Check below.
Madden NFL 17 Best Offensive Playbooks
Philadelphia Eagles
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Ace, Twins Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Flip Trip Eaglet  
New York Giants
Styles: Long Pass, Speed Run
Key Run Set: Singleback Ace
Key Pass Set: Gun Trio Offset
Seattle Seahawks
Styles: Ground and Pound, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Doubles Wing Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Wing Offset WK
New England Patriots
Styles: Short Pass, Long Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Tight Slots
Key Pass Set: Gun Split Close Pats

Madden NFL 17 Best Defensive Playbooks
Patriots Defense
Base: Hybrid 3-4/4-3
Styles: Zone Defense, Run Stuff
Key Run Set: Nickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Key Pass Set: Nickel 3-3-5 Odd
Dallas Cowboys
Base: 4-3
Styles: Pass Rush, Run Stuff
Key Run Set: 46 Bear
Key Pass Set: Big Dime 4-1-6
New Orleans Saints
Base: 3-4
Styles: Zone Defense, Pass Rush
Key Run Set: 3-4 Solid
Key Pass Set: Big Dime 2-3-6 Will
Green Bay Packers
Base: 3-4
Styles: Pass Rush, Man Defense
Key Run Set: 3-4 Solid
Key Pass Set: Big Dime 2-3-6 Will
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