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KartRacer: Drift is an unusual Microsoft exclusive

A kart racing game announcement was something that few expected to get serious airtime during last month's X019 event in London. This is especially true of a kart racing game that, despite being around for 15 years, is only recognized in South Korea. Yet here we are, with a remastered version of KartRider: Drift, a title that's on the Xbox One and PC with cross-play support. We got our hands on the game in the closed beta period, and the title has some surprising promise.

The first thing to acknowledge with KartRider: Drift are the visuals. Everything looks so shiny and hi-res, and the animation on the karts themselves and their drivers is absolutely silky smooth. However, the music is largely forgettable, to be brutally honest, and the screeching tyres and buzzing engines will just about hold the majority of your attention in race. The tracks themselves are a good range of sizes and feature the usual Kart racer tropes; ice tracks, tracks set in towns, others taking us to forests and so on. They are multi-level too, and feature shortcuts to find and exploit, so learning the tracks is going to be absolutely vital here. The circuits feature animated backgrounds as well, with leaves falling and clocks striking the hour, and nicely, already in the beta, the draw distances look fantastic. Until someone drops a smoke bomb, that is! And if you want to Buy KartRider Drift Coins, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Items are a mix of familiar (boosts, rockets etc...) and more unique fare, with a magnet that you can use to quickly close the gap on nearby rivals ensuring plenty of close finishes. The drifting itself is extremely sensitive, and should only be used in very short bursts; we found the turning circle to be way too extreme, often leading to unintentional face plants in level geometry or track side barriers. You can tweak your kart stats with unlockable parts, but this is earned through gameplay and thankfully avoids any nasty pay to win scenarios that would undoubtedly leave a bad taste.

KartRacer: Drift is an unusual Microsoft exclusive, and yet it’s clear that Nexon has poured a tremendous amount of care and resources into it over the years. Having crossplay with PC this early on was crucial and ensures a built-in online community of millions from the get-go. It remains to be seen if the team makes any track design tweaks or alters the hyper-touchy drift, but what’s already here is at least worth giving a whirl when it releases for free sometime in 2020.

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