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Genshin Impact introduces some more gameplay for Xinyan

Genshin Impact Accounts As of December 1st the new banner “Forsaken nobility” will be available in Genshin Impact. This gives you the opportunity to get the new character Xinyan for the first time. With a trailer miHoYo introduces the character who catches the eye with its rock-like appearance. Xinyan is a rock ’n’ roll musician from Liyue. Your element is fire.

Xinyan is one of several confirmed characters for the 1.1 update of Genshin Impact. While new characters like Diona and Tartaglia are already in the game Xinyan and Zhongli have yet to arrive. This is most likely a clever strategy from miHoYo to keep interest in the game between updates since releasing all the characters at the same time would end up creating a lack of new content between Genshin Impact's patches.

This new video therefore shows us the abilities of Xinyan who will be a wielding great sword and who will possess the element Pyro. She will be able to ignite the surroundings with her special attack which will summon columns of fire. Remember that unlike Zhongli Xinyan will be a 4-star character Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts which means that you will have a better chance of obtaining it.

This new character’s Elemental Burst reveals her guitar skills and engulf her surroundings with flame. Her shield’s durability will depend on her Def stat and the amount of damage it can withstand. Her title is the Blazing Riff and currently joining the main character for her world tour.

With the new banner there will be another suitable test run. This enables you to play the characters without owning them. You cannot unlock the characters this way. This is only possible through prayer and is therefore left to chance. The currency for prayers can be earned and bought with real money.

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