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Game Conflict of Nations WW3,is available now of iOS and Android

Bytro Labs, a developer known for their strategy titles, have recently released another called Conflict of Nations: WW3, which is available now of iOS and Android. It's previously been available on PC where it reportedly has more than 1.8 million registered players.

Everything is supposed to take place in a hypothetical Third World War, so you can play with more modern countries than those that were in World War 2.

With a war scenario of this size it is logical to deduce that, unlike other MMOs, the games are not settled in intervals of 5 or 15 minutes, but can last for days or even weeks.

There will also be lots of regular micro management strategies to compete throughout each campaign as well. Every country needs to be managed and developed carefully such as researching new units, building infrastructure, maintaining the economy, even diplomacy with other players to forge alliances.

“We’re thrilled to welcome mobile players to Conflict of Nations,” says Simon Dotschuweit, Dorado Games Studio Head “Whether you’re a veteran of countless campaigns or this is your first day on the battlefield, Conflict of Nations is now more accessible than ever before. Use the same account across PC or mobile and you’ll never be far from the battlefield.”

 Conflict of Nations: World War 3

There will also be plenty of the usual strategy micromanaging to contend with throughout each campaign too. Each nation will need to be carefully managed and developed by researching new units, building infrastructure, taking care of the economy and even dabbling in diplomacy to forge alliances with other players.

Curiously, the game had some controversy in country when it included in one of its advertisements the following sentence “Will you let Catalonia invade Spain? Try Conflict of Nations right now! " For some, the study only tried to argue with its publicity and make the Catalan conflict profitable.

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