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Forza Horizon 4 Has the Same Vehicle Modification System as Other Racing Games

First of all, we are in modification direction after no less than two hundred online games and analysis of this track. This track can be said to be very professional in design, no less than the track in real life, high and low undulations and continuous combination bends, and many roads have also narrowed, which has great requirements for the control of the car.
This work can be said to weaken the acceleration. To tell the truth, it is back to normal. The acceleration of the horizon 3 is indeed very abnormal, and it will be thousands of horses.
If you follow the Horizon 3 horsepower first change method, except s2 change s2, the corner line will be very difficult. In the case of linear acceleration returning to normal, although the linear advantage is there, it will not be overtaken like 3 Cut the melon and chop the vegetables.

Horizon 4 Starts Fast


The reference to the change method is the waste slag 7, and the Horizon 3 set does not work for most cars. This is a strong control, which increases the downforce of the car body, and is very friendly to the rear drive. The modification method, you will find this is quite simple. If you have doubts about what we said, please look at the downward pressure on the vehicle to adjust, it is much stronger than the horizon 3, the downforce determines the curve, this is the corner is fast is really fast.
The first step in the modification is to get on the tires, the tires determine your grip, the second step to maximize weight loss, the third step before and after the aerodynamic kit, these three steps are changed, your car can be controlled to data 10, please change to s2 9.0 above the control please s1, 8.0 or more please a, and so on. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to Buy FH4 Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. Note: This is not absolute. If you are a world-class player, you can reduce the control appropriately. And this only applies to road racing.
After completing these three steps, here is the drive method and the dressing engine. The drive mode is the rear drive, the four-wheel drive is the four-wheel drive, do not force the four-wheel drive, the original factory drive to change the four-wheel drive steering is very urgent, but the original four-wheel drive is very smooth.
If you want to get off fast, then change it. Although there is an advantage in starting, it will not be a great advantage when the horizon 3 starts fast. Instead, it will be chased by the rear drive in the corner and even overtaken. The original four-wheel drive does not have this problem.
It requires very precise operation when racing, and the professional-grade e-sports handle of Beitong Ashura 2 can help you to achieve these operations more easily, so that the handling is greatly improved, and its feel is more comfortable, long-term operation is also There will be no feeling of fatigue.

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