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FlipMaster, this is the addictive jumping game

Flip Master Coins If you’re anything like myself then stepping onto a trampoline generally involves a) wishing you’d worn better socks and b) realising you’re not as athletic as you thought you were. We’ll grumble no more as the game meister’s at Miniclip are saving our pride with their latest title Flip Master which finds us the player now becoming the true ruler of the trampoline.

Perhaps one of the keys to the success of this app has to do with the fame of its developer. Indeed the studio behind this application is Miniclip a successful company with well-known titles such as Soccer Star or In Digital Universe we have previously told you about other novelties from this developer the games War Wings and Ping Pong Insanely Addictive whose reviews you can read at this link.

Flip Master

There are a total of five different locations with different trampolines to choose from in Flip Master - at the beginning there is only a small garden with only one piece of sports equipment. In terms of character it looks similar: A selection of four characters can be used but only "The Dude" a perfectly normal male character is available at the start of the game. The same applies to the jumps and tricks in the game Cheap Flip Master Coins of which only a normal somersault can be performed at the beginning.

The game offers us some very successful physical animations since it depends precisely on how we fall our jumper will continue on the trampoline it will fall or rebound incorrectly. We will have to touch drag and hold down the finger to modify the fall and jump.

Flip Master which has already accumulated more than a million downloads is a game with a rather original approach let's say since it turns you into a trampoline jumper. In effect the user puts himself in the shoes of an individual who is dedicated to jumping in this type of scenario. A positive aspect of this video game is the realism of the contortions of the characters which are based on those of a rag doll.

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