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Five Things We Hope to See in NBA 2K20

Over the past five to seven years, we have seen some patterns with NBA 2K. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to NBA 2K20 MT Coins kindly pay a visit to the web site. So later on in the year, in seven months' time the new game will release and naturally garner huge success while also having major issues too. Some of the problems from previous installments will have been fixed, others tweaked and some not paid attention to. On the other hand, the game's developers will have made some in-game changes and the graphics too will have been enhanced.

Almost everyone hates contracts, and hopefully, that meaningless aspect of the mode will be taken away for NBA 2K20, but that's not the subject of my rant today. As I toil through Domination, because I'm inherently possessed with completing all of the challenges and benchmarks 2K sets before me in MyTeam, I can't help but wonder how this arduous grind could be made more fun to complete. Completing Domination is meant to be a long process; I get it, but no part of a video game should ever be boring. The opening set of games are just agonizing to complete.
The NBA and National Basketball Players Association have agreed to a lucrative licensing agreement extension with Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., creators of the popular NBA 2K video game franchise, the league announced this week has NBPA have announced that they will continue to work together over the next seven years, in a deal that is reportedly worth an estimated $1.1 billion. That's easily one of the biggest we've ever seen when it comes to a sports franchise or any given franchise for that matter.
During the first week or so that I had the game, it played well. I only noticed a few minor issues. However, as I began to log hours in a variety of modes and a multitude of patches made its way to consoles, the cracks started to show. In short, the game wasn't as good as I initially thought. In fact, I wish I could take my review score back. It was more of a 7.5 than a 9 after all of the patches and exploits. Despite some concerns about how the microtransactions play a part in the series, the NBA 2K franchise has still performed incredibly well, selling millions of copies and becoming a household favorite with athletes and fans alike. So it should be no surprise then that 2K and the NBA will keep their partnership going.
The freakishly talented college freshman at Duke University has been a human highlight reel during his short stay in Durham. Most expect him to be a Top-3 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. With the way the Cavs have been playing this season, a league-worst 2-12, it seems the organization will find itself back in the high lottery again this upcoming offseason. Based on that realistic dynamic, NBA 2K montage creator extraordinaire Shady0018 has created a video showing a created version of Williamson throwing down his signature slams in a Cavs uniform.

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