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FIFA 18 account may have been hacked , and you see if you are a victim

A FIFA 18 user has been the victim of Russian hackers who interfered with his account.

Alarming messages on Reddit. A gamer reports that he is banned due to misconduct in FIFA 18. Not so special, were it not that the gamer has never bought a FIFA game.

One way users have been unaware of the issue has been that hackers change the language to Russian, meaning, as 333x points out, EA emails have been dumped in spam folders.

When a few people suggest that he may be the victim of phishing, he explains his story. Someone else appears to have broken into his account and has bought FIFA 18. The moment the gamer wanted to change his password for security, he had to answer a secret question. You guessed it: that question was in Russian.

The discussion on Reddit shows that this happens more often and EA does not have its safety in order. To see if a Russian has invaded your account, you can check whether the language of your profile has been changed to Russian. As discussed in the Reddit discussion, people often find out late: the emails from EA are sent to your spam box by the Russian language institution.

One user questioned whether the email was merely a fishing attempt, but RSgodson clarified the situation.

More advice came from another user, Chaosritter: "Tell him to charge back as many payments he made as possible. He'll get a part of his money back and the account will be locked and/or terminated."

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