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Diablo Immortal does not differ much from the series as we know it

Diablo Immortal, although on mobile, doesn't differ much from the series as we know it. The story takes place between the second and third installments of the saga. It resumes right after Diablo II ends, when Tyrael destroys the Worldstone. It will allow you to see several familiar characters like Deckard Cain and the Skeleton King.

Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play, Blizzard confirms. The story, classes and all gameplay will be free and there is no limit on playtime and progression. Players can, for example, buy battle passes for extra unlocks. Equipment and weapons must be collected by players in the game, they are not for sale.

System requirements, servers like in WoW & more
Wyatt Chang also stated that Blizzard Entertainment is currently continuing to explore ways to lower Diablo Immortal's system requirements. As many players as possible should have the opportunity to plunge into the mobile adventure. The game's servers are based on a structure similar to that of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. There should be several "realms", the number of which Blizzard can increase relatively quickly as needed.

New features for a Diablo game
Diablo Immortal should play like Diablo, but add new elements to the game experience. This includes things like:
  •     Monsters use special powers like freezing the ground, which can cause heroes to slip there.
  •     Such elements can also be combined. For example with additional wind. A player slips on the ground and then has to try to fight the wind, get up and reach the enemy.
  •     Weather plays an important role and should have an impact on gameplay. If you run against the wind, you are slower.

In addition, the game features a dungeon system lasting around 12 minutes. It will be similar to the Descent into Hell that players are used to navigating. Then the Rifts are back. However, they have some differences from their original version. In Immortals, the player who enters a Rift will be given a time limit to defeat as many monsters as possible.

Variants of this system accompany it. Challenge Rifts will be difficulties where you will earn rewards the first time you defeat it. Elder Rifts are a Rift customization system. Players will be able to add bonuses or penalties via Crests and thus modify the state of the Rift and the rewards therein. As in Diablo III, players will have the luxury of choosing whether they want to venture out alone or in a group.

In the first alpha of the game, players can choose from four classes. Those are the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk and Wizard. The final game also includes the Crusader and Necromancer, but Blizzard is still working on that. The game includes Elder Rifts, and Zone Trails sidequests that have unique end goals.

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