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Cooking Craze features a rather catchy soundtrack that does brings out the fun in the game

Cooking Craze is a cooking game created by Big Fish, a casual game company based in Seattle, Washington that just like any normal restaurant kitchen demands a lot of speed and of course, incredible multi-tasking skills. I have played for the last week or so and despite getting constantly and hopelessly stuck along the way, I have found myself glued to the screen.

If you’re an avid time management player, then the first thing you’ll notice is how different the gameplay in Cooking Craze is. The gameplay is a whole lot simpler than what you’d expect from a game from this genre mainly because all you need to do is to tap on the foodstuff to “prepare” them and tap again to serve. There is no dragging and dropping involved! Even the coins that the customers left you are automatically collected – isn’t that convenient?

Interestingly, the game also has a combo system in place. How does it work? Well, it depends on how fast you can serve up each food item your customer wants consecutively. It can be pretty tricky to get a high combo multiplier going, but if you managed to pull off a couple of combo streaks, you should be able to clear a level easy-peasy! Buy cheap Cooking Craze Accounts via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Of course, like any cooking-themed time management game, the customers will each have their own patience levels and it’s best to serve them their food before their patience dropped too low. There are multiple ways you can keep a customer happy. You can serve them special goodies like candies or cupcakes to either slow down the drop in their patience level or bring up their patience level back to full.

Not to mention, Cooking Craze has various game modes that you’ll eventually encounter as you progress through the levels. Some require you to serve a limited number of customers within the opening hours of your shop, while others allow you to serve as many customers as you can within a specified time limit. There is also a game mode where you need to ensure that none of your customers have a patience level below the mid-point in order to get their “like”. You’ll need to collect enough likes to complete the level.

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