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Conquerors Blade New Season Scourge of Winter has come

MY.GAMES and Booming Games, respective publisher and developer of Conqueror’s Blade, today announced the launch of a brand new content update for their medieval tactics MMO. Entitled Season VI: Scourge of Winter, it invites players to head north to the frozen lands of Ostaria. In the heart of an unearthly winter, they will have to fight a terrible warlord and his formidable army.

Known world warlords will have to band together if they are to survive the long winter ahead ... Players in North America can also start Season VI on the brand new US servers on the East and West Coast, which will be launched on December 16 Go start to provide a smooth and stable experience for Conqueror's Blade players.

Season VI: Scourge of Winter invites players to experience the following:
  •      A New Evil - This new season is placed under the sign of the struggle between Good and Evil. A horde of terrifying demons who call themselves the Defilers has stormed the North. Moving in the freezing darkness, these bandits obey only their master, the Plague of Winter. It is said that this legendary lord inhabited by unheard-of anger uses the winter to torment entire regions. As the few survivors of their ruthless onslaught flee south, an alliance of brave heroes must be formed to repel this threat and save the region.
  •     The Frozen Lands of Ostaria - Ostaria is a beautiful but extremely dangerous region, swept by winter winds that seem to have been blowing for eons. In this new season, new dynamic weather conditions will provide an even more immersive gaming experience for players. In addition, new PvE content will bring exclusive rewards to the best warriors.
  •     Strength in unity - This new threat will require reinforcements. New unit promotions will help players take on the Defilers surrounded by their most trusted soldiers. Completing the season's unit challenges will promote certain existing troops to the ranks of Lansquenets, Ribaud Lancers, or Liao Scouts.
  •     Exclusive Rewards - Throughout the season, players will be able to take down Defilers and take on new challenges to unlock over 100 free and premium rewards, including the Redeemer Unit Costume Outfit, Splendid Royal Costume Outfit archon for heroes and much more. The new Battle Pass can be pre-ordered today to begin the season with the awesome Defiler's Formal Outfit for Heroes!

Conqueror’s Blade and the new Season VI can now be downloaded and played free of charge from the MY.GAMES Store and Steam.

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