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Chance or Crysis – Madden 19 Player Rating Adjustment

Madden 19 player cards won’t display the player’s previous rating on the card, so you may not noticed the rating changes. If you find some cards overpriced or underpriced in transfer market, don’t be surprise, they may get their latest rating boost or nerf. is a professional Madden points seller, Madden 19 Guides publisher, and a place for gamers to communicate wither each other aside from forum.
EA Sports Madden 19 is an authentic rugby sports video game, and they always keep the game engine and content up-to-date. Recently they adjusted some NFL player’s rating to make the game like real life. LT, TE, FS, LOLB, and DT positions all have their players get rating up or down.
LT – Terron Armstead – New Orleans Saints – OVR 90(+2) – AWR 92
It’s a good news for New Orleans Saints, their LT Terron Armstead got rating rise in Madden NFL 19 due to recent awesome performance. Now his awareness is 92, 3 points higher than before. Congratulations! Been established in 1967, Saints have cultivated many famous football stars like Jim Taylor, Doug Atkins, Willie Roaf and Ken Stabler. Talent rusher Deuce McAllister make 6,096 yards during his seven years career. The tale recounts Edwards' coaching tree that includes NFL coaches Brian Billick and Mike Holmgren.


LOLB – Dee Ford – Kansas City Chiefs – OVR 87(+2) – AWR 91
Dee Ford has a cool name, but his speed isn’t as fast as Ford RS. As a senior, Ford recorded 90 tackles, consists of 38 tackles for loss and 18 sacks, intercepted a pass. Ford was ranked 62 best outside linebacker prospect in whole America. The first time he went to Senior Bowl was in 2014, and then returned to his role as backup outside linebacker in 2015. Now in Madden NFL 19, he has 91 AWR awesome stat with 87 overall rating, let’s snipe him and Buy Cheap MUT Points for him. The thing is, it would not be possible without a special talent at QB. Reid has that in Patrick Mahomes.
LT – Trent Williams – OVR 91(-3) – AWR 96
Trent Williams is the winner of a gym in Houston where they work out each offseason, and their reputation has turned it into a spot to be for MUT 19 stars and aspiring players while the league shuts down in the early spring. If a player in Madden 19 features higher than 95 stats, he will be pursued always, and Trent is one of its kind. There is one stable constant on the Redskins offensive line, and while he goes unnoticed, he provides a greater impact with every passing season.

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