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Bring Your Madden 18 Gaming Experience To The Ultimate

With the rapid development of science and technology, the sports video game has changed a lot year by year, and the franchise mode can’t keep up with the times if EA sports continues to keep it as it is. Here, we recommended some new skills to improve gameplay.

Creating Own Custom Plays
As we all know, madden game market are flooded with various playbooks, each kind of playbooks has its unique function, since there are innumerable formation in the competition, they teach and guide players about how to play to his strengths, all those playbook are made based on one’ real experience. Except for learning from others experience, player can also create this own custom plays which can be dated back to Madden 05, but, not all players can create custom plays successfully, the EA sports has set some requirements, if you fail to meet those requirements, the your plays is a failure. Although there are various limitation, creating own custom plays is still a fun thing.  
Using Running Backs
running backs is one of the most effective skills which used by some team in NFL game. However, it’s not easy for players to Grasp the essence of this skill. Players are all looking forward to creating a setting which works automatically based on the conditions in the game.   
Varied Player Regression
Some NFL players show slower regression over their careers, and others very little from the beginning to end. Thus there should be a regression rating for every player. Quick, moderate, slow or minimal regression should be the options.
This attribute should be dynamic. Injuries could potentially speed up regression and force earlier retirements.
Scouting Combine (Mini Games)
Here's where Madden has to remember it's still a video game. Attempting to mirror all of the drills that are at the real scouting combine would make for a dull, and very skippable experience for gamers.
If we were given mini-games that were a little less over the top than the ones in The Gauntlet, it would add an incentive for fans to use the Scouting Combine to build up their player. In CFMs where no one is playing as an individual player, you could have the option to control any number of player's scouting combine experience.
The results would raise or drop the prospect's stock.
Add a Pre and Post-Game Show With Highlights
I don't believe any sports game has ever had a really good pre and post-game show. We need real highlights that aren't diluted by disconnected analysis at the end of games. At the beginning of games, some sort of logical analysis that references both teams' stats up to that point in the season would make the presentation relevant, and worth your time.
The previous suggestion is very practical, the next one may not be, but it's still cool.
If we had a chance to view RedZone-style highlights on bye weeks, before and after games, that would be mindblowing.
Coach Mode
There's a large group of Madden fans who like to watch games–especially CFM fans. It would be nice to have an option to just game plan and pick the plays during CFM while allowing the CPU to control the gameplay.
It doesn't even have to be as in-depth as the old NFL Head Coach games, but there's no reason we shouldn't have this option in CFM. It only opens the doors to another demographic.

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