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Black Desert a new trailer showcasing the combat of the upcoming character, Lahn

Black Desert Online is a MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss, published by Kakao Games in 2014. Black Desert Online uses a free-to-play model in Korea, Japan and Russia, while in Europe and North America the game uses a buy-to-play model. Features dynamic day/night cycle and random weather system, BDO set a benchmark of online immersive game.

Black Desert Online has put out a new trailer showcasing the combat of the upcoming character, Lahn. Lahn is the more oriental themed character and has skills that reference Chinese martial arts.

Here are some known skills:

Salpuree - launches the target into the air dealing damage by swinging the Crescent Pendulum

Pendulum Kick - kick the pendulum at the target, knocking them down

Boat Orchid - spins around to throw the pendulum at the targeted area

Pendulum Waltz - Lahn jumps into the air and run like the wind, can change direction mid-flight

Spring Breeze - Lahn jumps forward at the target, and can either inflict damage or CC

Lahn wields on her right hand a special weapon called the "Crescent Pendulum" which is a sharp bladed pendulum dangling at the end of a rope. On her left hand, she wields an "Ancient Blade" as the secondary short-range weapon as a defense item between pendulum attacks.

She is expected in the Korea version on December 21st and a few months after that in the Western version.

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