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A tempting new companion to jump into V4

V4 Red Gems Thanks to Nexon we’re currently hoarding a cache of codes to celebrate the arrival of the Archer class in V4. Originally launched in July 2020 V4 is a fully-featured cross-platform MMORPG that includes all the same high fidelity fight or flight of a desktop title on both the small and big screen. Now the Archer aims to make this world bow before them as it arrives in V4. Specializing in ranged attacks the Archer class can do devastating damage with a bow and arrow. With short activation times an Archer’s attacks can cripple its enemies and as the fastest class of the Syllunas it’s a tempting new companion to jump into V4 with.

The class itself is unsurprisingly best suited to attacking from range and will be the first new class added to the game since it first launched. The Archer has very short skill activation times meaning you'll be able to dish out damage very quickly. In fact she is apparently the fastest classes available at the moment. There are six of these skills in total and they can be activated very quickly one after another allowing the Archer to seriously disrupt the battlefield.

The letter also talked about the roadmap for the game which includes a new region and boss in December and you’ll be able to purchase special costumes for all classes in December’s update. Nexon also talked about the steps it’s taking to combat botting — which you’d think would be extra easy in a game with such heavy autopathing.

Alongside the introduction of the Archer class players will have access to a new area Anguished Forest and the brand new Phantom Abyss Dungeon which will be added to the Beast’s Void. Additional updates include new gear slots Legendary Eldon Earrings Cheap V4 Red Gems Epic Ring crafting recipe as well changes to the items players can store as they traverse the open world of V4.

V4 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. is one of the safest-to-use trade hubs for v4 Red Gems and the best alternative to the official in-game store. If you are looking for a place where you can safely trade you are coming to the right place. Cheap V4 Red Gems for Sale cheap safe fast 24/7 live support.


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